Milzinkapis 1
How did I find Milžinkapis the giant grave? I found myself wide awake one late March morning very restless. I think when you spend time in nature, not just Lithuanian nature you tend to want to make the most of it. For the regular reader out there you will know I’ve […]

Milžinkapis the giant grave

down at the zoo 2
We are back!! It’s been quite some time since we released a podcast and we are both super sorry for that. We just felt it was time to take a step back for a while and focus on other things for a little bit. That said lots has happened and […]

042 Say Labas: Down at the zoo

dislike about living in lithuania 4
Living in Lithuania has been great, and one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had, that said though, and I know this may be hard for some of you to believe. There are certain things you are going to dislike about living in Lithuania if you do decide to […]

8 things I dislike about living in Lithuania

raganu egle
Not too far from Vilkyškiai (Solveiga’s favorite place in the world and best cheese in the world) is Raganų Eglė or the Witches fir, basically it’s a giant Christmas tree with a crazy amount of trunks, 18 of them to be exact. Raganų Eglė can be found in the beautiful forest […]

Raganų Eglė the witches tree

I’ve lived in Kaunas, Lithuania for a full year. I never EVER in my wildest dreams thought I would say that. My goal was to move to Lithuania stay at least 3- 6 months, get to know its people and its culture a little better, travel, write and of course […]

8 things I love about living in Lithuania

nemunas - father of all rivers
People often ask me what I like most about Lithuania. For a long while I would always say the people, Lithuanians in generally speaking quiet friendly and a fair few are some of the warmest and friendliest people I’ve ever had the privilege to meet. Maybe it’s my personality but […]

The Father of all rivers

In today’s episode, we touch base with all that’s been happening since our last episode about two weeks ago. It’s been such a pleasure hanging out in Kaunas quite recently, there has been so much going on from throwing spears at Kaunas Castle to “ Kaunas Hansa days ” to […]

041 Say Labas: Say What? Kaunas Hansa days

Lithuanian at home 4
Welcome back, and thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to hang out with us. We are happy to say that spring has finally decided to arrive here in Lithuania and we have to say that it is extremely beautiful. We hope that in this episode you get […]

040 Say Labas: Lithuanian at Home

Hey everyone, we are back again with episode 39 of the Say Labas show, this week’s theme is LOVE, LOVE, Love in Lithuanian (All you need is love right?). The episode was of course recorded in Kaunas, and was suppose to be recorded and released around Valentine’s Day but we missed […]

039 Say Labas: Love in Lithuanian

In podcast 38 of the Say Labas show we spent most of the episode talking about one of Lithuania’s most historic days! The Restoration of Lithuanian Independence, what made this day even more special is that this year the 11th of March 2015 marked the 25th anniversary since Lithuania’s independence, a […]

11 Facts About Lithuanian Independence

We here at the Say Labas Show – Believe in freedom and that’s why episode 38 is dedicated to one of Lithuania’s most historic days! Lithuania’s restored Independence! The 11th of March 2015 or 11 Kovos 2015 will mark 25 years since Lithuania’s independence, a day that is not only […]

038 Say Labas: Believe In Freedom

Labas! We’re back with another new podcast episode, the last episode was dedicated to Lithuania’s favourite pastime, basketball. This time however its all about making friends, Everyone needs a Lithuanian friend, why? Because Lithuanians are awesome of course. We learn some useful Lithuanian sentences that we hope will help you […]

037 Say Labas: Making Lithuanian Friends

Why are you learning Lithuanian? I’ve heard this a thousand times since I decided to start learning Lithuanian. You might already have your own reasons for learning Lithuanian, maybe you have some kind of connection to Lithuania, a grandparent perhaps, or you’ve met the girl… or guy ;) of your […]

10 Reasons to learn Lithuanian

Yes please! We are back it’s been around 2 weeks since our last podcast, we are hoping to get back to a more regular scheduled release pattern now that Kaunas is our home! We aim for new podcast episodes every Tuesday and a new blog post every Friday so look out […]

036 Say Labas: Lithuanian Basketball

When you arrive in any new city things a can get a little overwhelming maybe even a little intimidating and I’m sure Kaunas is no exception, especially if you are a tourist. Whether you speak Lithuanian or not getting around Kaunas can be a little scary (ok maybe a lot […]

Kaunas Public Transport

With Tim away in Leeds this week, I decided to head back home to Šilutė and get some well needed rest, catch-up with some friends and of course spend some time with my parents. It’s been almost 2 months since I’ve been home (time flies right?) and being back is […]

Ventės ragas

Sleepy cat of Kaunas 4
It’s week number 2 for us here in Kaunas, and the snow and winter has officially arrived. To say I am excited is an understatement. Those who know me know I love snow not the cold, just the snow part thanks. Our time in Kaunas has been amazing yet very […]

The sleepy cat of Kaunas graffiti

lithuanian verb daryti
Hey! Labas! And thanks again for joining us. This podcast comes to you from Kaunas, Lithuania. Boy o boy has the temperatures dropped – 5c here, that said locals are saying this is a fairly warm winter so I’m guessing this is a good winter…? Not sure we would survive a -12c. […]

035 Say Labas: Lithuanian verb daryti

The Black Ghost of Klaipeda 9
A few weeks ago Solveiga and I received an email from one of our listeners telling us about his recent trip to Lithuania and his time in Klaipeda. He obviously had an amazing time visiting Lithuania who doesn’t right? But he also went on to mention one of Lithuania’s most […]

The Black Ghost of Klaipeda

Months in Lithuanian
2015 has arrived and with it the first episode of the year for The Say Labas show. We hope that this year starts right and ends happy for all our listeners. We had a lot of fun last year getting the show and the website off the ground and we […]

034 Say Labas: Months in Lithuanian