002 Say Labas: Saying Goodbye

Goodbye Lithuanian

This is the Second edition of Say Labas show, In this episode we cover a couple of ways to say goodbye. Its crazy how many ways there are to say goodbye.

The episode also includes the following sections:

  • Lesson
  • Talk time
  • Lithuanian News of the week
  • Fun Lithuanian Facts

Here is a transcript of today’s lesson:

Episode 002 - Goodbey
1Viso geroAll the best
2Iki pasimatymoSee you later/So long
3IkiThis most common way of say good bye
4AteAnother way of saying Goodbye
5Labos naktiesGood Night
6LabanaktisGood night
7SudieDirectly tranlated with God
8Lik sveikasBe healthy
9Iki kito kartoUntil next time
10Iki vakaroSee you in the evening
11Iki rytojausSee you tomorrow
12Iki greito pasimatymoUntil next time but sooner

Remember you can find an accompanying memrise course. Check it out here

Solveiga also tells us about a very special Lithuanian celebration that takes place every 4 years. Listen to the show to hear all about it…

Dainų šventė(Song celebration):

Solveiga and Tim





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