003 Say Labas: How are you

Lithuanian How are you

You can’t have conversation without asking people How are they doing… Can you? Well in this episode we try to help you out with a few way to ask “How ya doin”, we also cover a few very simple responses. Have a listen to hear more.

As always we have our usual segments:

  • Lesson
  • Talk time
  • Lithuanian News of the week
  • Fun Lithuanian Facts

Here is a transcript of today’s lesson:

Episode 003 - How are you
1Kaip tau sekasi?How are you?
2Kaip gyneni?How are you living?
3Kaip einasi? How's going?
5Labai geraiVery good
8NeblogaiNot bad
9Galetų būti ir geriauCould be better
10NormaliaiNot bad(normal)
11Ačiū geraiWell  thanks

Remember you can find an accompanying memrise course. Check it out here… Follow along to really make the words sick.

Tim also discovers the longest Lithuanian word, have a listen to hear all about it.

Tim & Solveiga




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