004 Say Labas: The verb to be 1

Lithuanian to be

In this week’s show is a little long but we will be going over one of the key fundamentals in learning not only Lithuanian but any language – the verb to be. If you can get this right early you will be well on your way to success with Lithuanian.

This weeks episode also includes the usual segments:

  • Lesson
  • Talk time
  • Lithuanian News of the week
  • Fun Lithuanian Facts

Tim also reminisces about the first sentence he ever learnt in Lithuanian and how he tried to impress Solveiga’s mom with his slick moves. Solveiga tells us some really interesting facts about Lithuania’s president Dalia Grybauskaitė!

Here is this weeks transcript:

004 Say Labas - Verb to be
1I16Būtito be
3JūsYou (plural)18BuvoWas
4MesWe19NebūtiNot to be
5JisHe20NėraIs not
6JiShe21NebuvoWas not
7JieThey (plural) male22JosThey (plural) female
8Aš esuI am23Aš nesuI am not
9Tu esiYou are24Tu nesiYou are not
10Jūs esateYou are (plural)25Jūs nesateYou are not (plural)
11Mes esameWe are26Mes nesameWe are not
12Jis yraHe is27Jis nėraHe is not
13Ji yraShe is28Ji nėraShe is not
14Jie yraThey are (plural) male29Jie nėraThey are not (plural) male
15Jos yraThey are (plural) female30Jos nėraThey are not (plural) female

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Tim & Solveiga




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