006 Say Labas: The verb to want

Lithuanian to want

This weeks show we will go over “want” or Norėti in Lithuanian. We will go through all the diffrent ways to use this verb and then do some example sentences using want.

Tim shares a very interesting legend from Lithuania that he heard from Solveiga’s dad check it out just for the howling… its worth it.

Here is a transcript of today’s lesson for those listern and who like to see how things are spelt:

Episode 6 - To want
1NorėtiTo want
2Aš noriuI want
3Tu noriYou want
4Jis noriHe wants
5Ji noriShe wants
6Mes norimeWe want
7Jūs noriteYou(plural) want
8Jie noriThey(male) want
9Jos noriThey(female) want
10Aš noriu eitiI want to go
11Aš šito nenoriuI don't want that
12Mes norime keliauti aplink LietuvąWe want to travel Lithuania
13Tu nori pirkti mašinąYou want to buy a car
14Jie nori pagalbos su lietuvių kalbaThey want some help with Lithuanian

This week’s Show also includes the usual segments:

  • Lesson
  • Talk time
  • Lithuanian News of the week
  • Fun Lithuanian Facts

Remember you can find an accompanying memrise course. Check it out here. Solveiga keeps this up to date every week and its a great way to keep motivated and stay up to date with the show.

Remember if yo have an interesting story about Lithuania or you know a fun fact or would like to say “labas” drop us a note or check out ways to contribute here

We hope you enjoy this weeks show see you next time.

Tim & Solveiga




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