011 Say Labas: Drinks

Lithuanian Drinks

Well as you know last week’s topic was all about food, so this week we figured we would do drinks. This is a huge topic so we will definitely be covering both food and drinks in later episodes but it’s a start right?


So… drinks, this week we go over a few common words for different types of drinks in Lithuanian, the Baltic way saga continues as Solveiga gives us a follow up on how Lithuania celebrated its 25th anniversary. Tim continues his “Lithuanian Superstitions and Traditions” but this week he’s very confused its pretty funny… have a listen to find out why!

We also give a shout out to Andries from South Africa and Adriana from Uruguay its really great knowing you guys are enjoying the show thanks for all the support.

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So below is this weeks transcript of the lesson:

Episode 11 - Drinks
11Į sveikatąCheers
12Iki dugnoBottoms up
13Ar tu norėtum vyno?Would you like some wine?
14Ar tau patinka alus?Do you like beer?
15Kas tau labiau patinka arbata ar kava?What do you like more tea or coffee?
16Aš norėčiau vandens.I would like some water.

From this week we will also be adding our dialogues so it will be a little easier to follow along, we hope it will be helpful :)

Example 1
Kas tau labiau patinka alus ar vynas?
Man labiau patinka alus. Aš nemėgstu vyno. Ar tau patinka vynas?
Taip man labai patinka vynas. Mano mėgstamiausias vynas yra iš Pietų Afrikos.
Oho tikrai?
Taip tikrai, tai labai geras vynas.

Example 2
Timai, ko tu labiau norėtum kavos ar arbatos?
Ačiū Solveiga, bet aš norėčiau vandens.
Taip šiandien labai karšta, tau reikia gerti daug vandens.
Taip taip gal gali man įpilti vandens.

Like always the show also includes the following segments:

  • Introduction
  • Thanks
  • Lesson 11
  • Example Sentences
  • Talk Time
  • News of the week
  • Facts & History
  • GoodBye

Here is a snaek peak of how Lithuania celebrated Baltic Way:

Impressive huh? also check out his epic video –  if you want to know more, listen to Solveiga’s section called News of the week.

Well that’s this weeks show we hope that you enjoy it, just a reminder, that you can follow along with all the episode’s vocabulary at our memrise course right here  give it a try.
That’s it for this time.  Until next time!!!

Solveiga & Tim




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