012 Say Labas: To have

Hey welcome back! In episode 6 we covered the verb “to want” so in this weeks episode we decided to cover another verb… yip the verb “to have”.

This episode follows the same sort of structure as episode 6, we will congregate the verb as well as negate the verb all interesting stuff but we hope you are starting to notice a bit of a pattern here…?

Lithuanian to have

Solveiga tells us an interesting story of how a Lithuanian fireman Aidas Ardzijauskas spent his summer, and Tim tells us all about storks and why Lithuanians love them, Solveiga chips in with some interesting stork facts of her own… Have a listen, are all Lithuanian’s this clued up when it comes to storks?

Stork in Lithuanian is… Gandras :) just so you know!!! : )

So here’s today’s transcript for the lesson:

Episode 12 - Verb to have
1Aš turiuI have
2Tu turiYou have
3Jis turiHe has
4Ji turiShe has
5Mes turimeWe have
6Jūs turiteYou (plural) have
7Jie turiThey (male plural) have
8Jos turiThey (female plural) have
9Aš neturiuI have not
10Tu neturiYou have not
11Jis neturiHe has not
12Ji neturiShe has not
13Mes neturimeWe have not
14Jūs neturiteYou (plural) have not
15Jie neturiThey (male plural) have not
16Jos neturiThey (female plural) have not
17Aš turiu svajonę.I have dream.
18Jie turi mašiną.They have car.
19Mes neturime daug laiko.We don't have time.
20Jūs turite labai gražų namą.You have very nice house.

For those who want to follow along with the show’s dialogue from talk time, you can find it below:

Example 1

Ar tu turi mašiną?
Ne aš neturiu mašinos.
Aš neturiu vairuotojo teisių.
Negerai. tu turi išmokti vairuoti.
Gerai kitą vasarą. Prižadu.
Example 2

Labas, Solveiga. Ar tu turi laiko? Man reikia tavo pagalbos.
Labas, Timai. Aš neturiu laiko šiandien.
Labai blogai.
Atsiprašau. Gal tavo draugai turi laiko šiandien.

As you know the show includes the following segments:

  • Introduction
  • Lesson 12
  • Example Sentences
  • Talk Time
  • News of the week
  • Facts & History
  • Goodbye

We stumbled upon an amazing Facebook page called “We Love Lithuania” we encourage you to check it out here, you can find some of the most beautiful and inspiring picture of Lithuania…. No really these pictures are incredible and make you really realise what a beautiful country Lithuania is.

That’s it for this time remember to follow long with the podcast over at memrise. Oh and if you got anything out of this weeks show please let us know we would love to hear from you. Until next time!

Solveiga & Tim





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