014 Say Labas: Emergency 1

Oh boy! Here we go its Thursday and that means another new edition of everyone’s favourite Lithuanian podcast Say Labas, in this weeks show we cover some useful phrases that you could use in case of an emergency, these things happen right? and always when we least expect it. So we here at Say Labas figured you should know how to ask for help. FYI (Help in Lithuanian is…. pagalba we failed to mention this in the show… epic fail we blame Solveiga!) Demand apologies in the comments section below… :)


We also get to hear how Lithuania celebrates the first day of the new school year… Its crazy! How does your country celebrate this day? It seems to be a pretty big thing in Lithuania… To hear more… have a listen to News of the week to find out more.

Here is the script for today’s show:

Episode 14 - Emergency
1Aš serguI'm sick
2Aš nelabai gerai jaučiuosi.I'm not feeling very well.
3Kur yra vaistinė?Where is pharmacy?
4Kur yra ligoninė?Where is hospital?
5Kur skauda?Where does it hurt?
6Čia skauda.It hurts here.
7Man skauda galvą.I have headache.
8Man yra gripas.I have flu.
9Man reikia gydytojo.I need to see a doctor.
10Aš apsinuodijau maistu.I have food poisining.

These are the dialogues from the shows segment called talk time we hope this helps you to follow along:

Example 1

Labas Timai.
Labas Solveiga.
Ar tau viskas gerai?
Ne, aš nelabai gerai jaučiuosi.
Ar tau reikia gydytojo?
Taip. Kur yra ligoninė?
Netoli, aš tau parodysiu.

Example 2

Timai, aš sergu.
Ar tau yra gripas?
Taip. Man yra gripas.
Ar tau reikia vaistų?
Taip, kur yra vaistinė?
Vaistinė yra labai toli.

This weeks show includes the following segments:

  • Introduction
  • Basketball update
  • Shannon Tims niece
  • Lesson 14
  • Example Sentences
  • Talk Time
  • News of the week
  • Facts & History
  • Goodbye

Since the basketball world cup is on, we’re all over this thing, Tim’s Fact this week is all about the history of basketball in Lithuania and some dude called Frank Lubin.

You know where to find the memrise course right? Well that’s all we have for you this week, we wish you a great weekend and we will catch you next week.

P.S this weeks picture is a real picture of Tim in a Hospital, in Lithuania! Take a guess whats wrong with him!!

Iki pasimatymo,
Solveiga & Tim




Background music credit goes to

Thatched Villagers | Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

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    I demand apologies! And less laughing!!!
    Just kidding :D Great job guys. Thank you. :)