015 Say Labas: Present

The present, No not a present THE present :D. In this weeks episode we tackle all the words that you can use for the present and some example sentences too. Tim decides to take matters in to his own hands and writes the practise dialogues for this weeks show – Listen to past episodes to hear why this has been a “problem”. :) Did he do a good job?


Remember that you can get involved with, the “Time to talk” segment of the show and practise speaking Lithuanian with Solveiga, she would love for you to help her. She’s super friendly and always interested in meeting new people who love her language. (Leave a comment below if you would like to get involved or get in touch using one of these methods)

In the last episode we dropped the ball a little and forgot to mention what “help” was in Lithuanian… Yeah epic fail… So Solveiga makes up for it this week. We forgive you Solveiga!!! She also tells us all about about “Capital days” celebration (yes another celebration… I think its safe to say Lithuanian’s love their celebrations :D) that took place in Vilnius just last weekend.

And last but not least Tim tells us all about Lithuania’s national anthem to hear it sung in a creepy church music check it out here

So here is the script for today’s show:

Episode 15 - Present
3Šį rytąThis morning
5ŠiemetThis year
6Šią savaitęThis week
7Šiuo metuCurrently
8Mes turime daug padaryti šiandien?We have a lot to do today?
9Kur mes einame šįvakar?Where are we going tonight?
10Jaučiuosi pavargęs šį rytą.I feel tired this morning.
11Aš turiu studijuoti šią savaitę.I have to study this week.

Dialogues from this Show are right here:

Example 1
Sveika Soveiga
Ar tu eini į biblioteką šiandien?
Taip, tiesą sakant, aš einu ten dabar.
Gerai, tada susitiksim vėliau.
Iki Pasimatymo

Example 2
Kaip oras?
Oras buvo gražus šią savaitę. Labai karšta.
Tai labai geros naujienas.

This show includes these segments:

  • Introduction
  • Help in Lithuanian
  • Basketball update
  • Lesson 15
  • Example Sentences
  • Talk Time
  • News of the week
  • Facts & History
  • Goodbye

If you’re interested in Lithuania’s festivals, you can find out more about “Capital days” here.

Don’t forget that we have memrise course, where you can practice what we learned today or what we have done in the past. One last thing thanks to everyone who has liked us on Facebook… We have reached 100 likes thank you very very much to all who took the time to like the Show… Well…

We will see you next time!
Solveiga & Tim




Background music credit goes to

Thatched Villagers | Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)