016 Say Labas: Future 2

Helloooo Internet!!! Happy sweet 16th Birthday to us…. Today is Thursday and that means only one thing, we have another episode of everyone’s favourite podcast Say Labas, where you can find not only FREE Lithuanian language lessons but interesting facts, news and history all about Lithuania. We also like to think we have some fun along the way too.


This week we open your eyes to a whole new world the Future! :) Flying cars,  Alien species and Robots….  No we wish, actually we will be doing some words to use, as well as some example sentences when you are talking about the Future or future events.

Solveiga fools us all and finds news unrelated to a celebration or a festival??? (what?!) she tells us all about an interesting Exhibition in Vilnius (oho) and as we have all come to expect Tim has a few very surprising stories to tell, this time about how Second World War bombs make great photo opportunities (???) ,”Forest Brothers” and how to upset artists in London.

Below is the Script of words from the show:

Episode 16 - The Future
2Rytoj rytąTomorrow morning
3Rytoj popietųTomorrow afternoon
4Rytoj vakareTomorrow evening
5PorytDay after tomorrow
6Kitą savaitęNext week
7Kitais metaisNext year
8Ką tu veiki rytoj vakare?What are you doing tomorrow evening?
9Aš noriu važiuoti į Latviją kitais metais.I want to go to Latvia next year.
10Aš turiu eiti į darbą poryt.I have to go to work day after tomorrow.
11Ar nori eiti apsipirkti kartu kitą savaitę?Do you want to go shopping together next week?

Dialogues are ready for you here:

Example 1
Ar nori eiti apsipirkti kartu kitą savaitę?
Ne, man nepatinka apsipirkinėti. Man nepatinka leisti pinigus.
A, gerai, tada aš eisiu apsipirkinėti su drauge.
Gera mintis.

Example 2
Ką tu veiki rytoj?
Aš einu į darbą ir rytoj vakare einu į teatrą.
Oho, labai smagu. Ar nori susitikti kitą savaitę?
Aš kitą savaitę neužsiėmus, galim susitikti.
Gerai tada iki kitos savaitės.

As usual the show also includes these segments:

  • Introduction
  • Basketball update
  • Lesson 16
  • Example Sentences
  • Talk Time
  • News of the week
  • Facts & History
  • Goodbye

Tim mentioned a site and Facebook page called Likeable Lithuania it’s a site full of awesome pictures and goodies about Lithuania we here at Say Labas love it so we encourage you all to check it out and get inspired.

Here is a link to a movie called Defiance it kind of reminded us of the forest brothers if you like these sort of movies check it out, I’m sure it will give you some idea of how life for the forest brothers would have been like during soviet occupation. (Solveiga says there are some Lithuanian actors in this movie although they speak Russian in the movie, it’s good to know that Lithuanians are being recognised)

Just a reminder that you can find our memrise course right here . And of course don’t forget that you can be part of the show too, so don’t be shy and help us spread Lithuanian culture around the World!

Until next show!
Solveiga & Tim




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