017 Say Labas: Past

In this episode we tackle the beast that is the Past which allows us to not only complete the set of past, present and future but also to use this really epic picture taken in Amsterdam at the Heineken brewery. Doesn’t Tim just suit this olden day look? The answer is of coarse yes!


We dive into the lesson and tackle some really useful words and phrases to talk about the past, we also give a couple shout outs to our new found friends in Florida thanks for the kind message on Facebook Jurate! :) Quick thing to mention here are you involved with Helping keep Lithuanian Heritage alive in your country? Get in touch with us we would really love to hear your story, and possibly interview you on the show.

Back to this weeks show, ever heard of Memel? Well… that would be Klaipėda back in the day, hear a bite sized version of How Memel became Klaipėda in Tim’s section entitled Facts and History! We should also mention that Klaipėda is not only one of Solveiga’s most favourite places in Lithuania but also that its a very very beautiful place to visit please spend some time there :) Have you ever visited Klaipėda ? Let us know what your favourite place in Lithuania is!

Below is this weeks transcript for lesson 17:

Episode 17 - Past
2UžvakarDay before yesterday
3Vakar rytąYesterday morning
4Vakar vakareLast night
5Praeitą savaitęLast week
6Praeitais metaisLast year
7Ką tu veikiai vakar?What did you do yesterday?
8Aš buvau Ispanijoje praeitais metais.I was in Spain last year.
9Vakar vakare aš buvau koncerte.I was at a concert yesterday.
10Kur tu buvai užvakar?Where were you the day before yesterday?

Dialogues from this Show are right here:

Example 1
Labas vakaras Timai.
Labas Solveiga.
Ką veikiai vakar?
Aš buvau “Biplan” koncerte vakar vakare.
Oho, ar patiko?
Labai. Kitą kartą eisim kartu.

Example 2
Ar nori važiuoti į Romą kitą savaitę?
Mmm… Nelabai, aš buvau Romoje.
Tikrai? Kada?
Aš buvau Romoje praeitais metais.

As you know the show includes the following segments:

  • Introduction
  • Thanks and shout outs
  • Basketball update
  • Lesson 17
  • Example Sentences
  • Talk Time
  • News of the week
  • Facts & History
  • Goodbye

Any guesses what Solveiga covers in News of the week in this episode? Hint… its a marathon the Vilnius Marathon only Solveiga can take something like a marathon and turn it in to news, surprisingly through it pretty interesting!! Solveiga has vowed to run it next year remember you heard it here first!!!

Remember that you can follow along with this weeks episode over at memrise, you can not only practise this weeks words and sentences, but catch up on any other lessons that we did here at Say Labas.

We also wanted to share with you the following links, for all you history buffs you can find out more about Klaipėda right here and finally this is a time lapse video of Klaipėda on youtube its cool promise!!! be amazed!!!

Catch you next episode!

Solveiga & Tim




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