018 Say Labas: Titles

O boy!! This is episode 18 and its a big one. We cover a lot of topics in this episode its ranges from unicorns to surnames, names and then to tennis… yeah we like to think we covered all bases in this episode.

Titles in Lithuanian

One of the strangest things for most foreigners and visitors to Lithuania Tim included, is the difference between the male surnames and those of married and unmarried women in Lithuania. Even first names can be a little tricky at times, Solveiga kindly walks us through it all in this episode, step by step its actually quite fascinating when you get down to it.

Tim takes us all on a magical journey and shares one of his many stories from his many visits to Lithuania… Yes unicorns are involved… Yes… Unicorns. :D Solveiga also gives us a run down on the Lithuanian Davis cup tennis team, yes Lithuania plays tennis and they are getting pretty good watch out world!! She also teaches us some really helpful words and phrases for addressing people.

And finally how Napoleon’s army put Vilnius on the map again, hear all about it in Tim’s section called Facts and History…

Today’s script from the show:

Episode 18 - Titles
4Ponai ir poniosLadies and Gentlemen
5Brangūs draugaiDear friends
6Brangūs svečiaiDear guests
7Brangūs svečiai ačiū kad susirinkote.Dear guests thanks for coming.
8Ponai ir ponios prašau Jūsų dėmesio.Ladies and Gentlemen I ask for your atention.
9Panele ar Jūs pasiklydote?Miss did you get lost?
10Ponas aš negaliu Jums padėti.Mr I can't help you.

Dialogues from the shows segment called Time to talk below.

Example 1
Laba diena, Ponas Timai.
Laba diena Ponia Solveiga, kaip Jūs jaučiatės šiandien?.
Ačiū, daug geriau.
Girdėjau, kad sirgote.
Taip, bet dabar jaučiuosi geriau.

Example 2
Brangūs svečiai, ačiū, kad susirinkote.
Mes labai džiaugemės, kad pakvietėte.
Tikiuosi, kad patiko pasisvečiuoti.
Tikrai taip.

Remember that you can get involved with Time to talk and practise speaking with Solveiga… Its really fun.. promise!

This weeks show includes the following segments:

  • Introduction
  • Unicorn Story
  • Lithuanian Names and Surnames
  • Lesson 18
  • Example Sentences
  • Talk Time
  • News of the week
  • Facts & History
  • Goodbye

As promised rules for male and female surnames and names:
Lithuanian first name endings:

Male names end in -as, -is, -ys, -us, -ius
Female names end in -a, -ia, -ė

The surnames of married women are formed by dropping the ending of the male surname and adding the suffix -iene.


Male Surname: Domeikas
Female Married Surname: Domeikiene

The surnames of unmarried women are formed by adding the suffixes -aite, -yte, -ute, -te,


Male Surname: Domeikas
Female Married Surname: Domeikyte

This is the book Solveiga’s mom surprised Tim with… she’s a keeper!

That’s that… by know you know where to find the memrise course right? Let us know if you had any trouble with Lithuanian surnames? Do you have an interesting story to share about your first visit to Lithuania? Get involved and share it with us :D

We love Lithuania just like you!!

Well that’s all we have for you this week, we wish you a great weekend and we will catch you next week.

Viso gero,
Solveiga & Tim




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