019 Say Labas: Feelings

Well its Tuesday!!! new week, new episode and the start of a very few busy weeks for us at Say Labas. For you regular listeners of the show you will know that in about 2 weeks time we will be heading off to Lithuania and will be podcasting and bringing you the best that Lithuania has to offer. Have a listen to episode 15 and episode 17 for more info.

Ok, In this weeks show however we felt that we should cover feelings and how to tell your friendly Lithuanian friends how you are feeling… we don’t want you going hungry in Lithuania although the chances of that are next to impossible lets be honest.


Also in this episode is the start of an exciting and interesting new section called “Towns of Lithuania” there are approximately 103 towns in Lithuania the all knowing wikipeda and we think these little towns deserve some much needed love and a little time in the spotlight. So every week we will be choosing a town and telling you all something interesting about it. This weeks town of the week is Tverai and boy where we shocked when we started reading about this place it has a long and very fascinating history. listen to hear more.

Here is this weeks words and phrases from the lesson:

Episode 19 - Feelings
1Aš esu išalkusiI'm hungry (F)
2Aš esu išalkęsI'm hungry (M)
3Aš esu ištroškusiI'm thirsty (F)
4Aš esu ištroškęsI'm thirsty (M)
5Man šaltaI'm cold
6Man karštaI'm hot
7Man linksmaI'm happy
8Mane ima miegasI'm sleepy
9Aš skubuI'm in a hurry!
10Ar tau šalta?Are you cold?
11Einam pavalgyti aš išalkusi.(If you female)Lets go eat I am hungry (F)
12Einam pavalgyti aš išalkęs.(If you male)Lets go eat I am hungry (M)
13Gal galim eiti namo mane labai ima miegas.Can we go home I'm sleepy

Dialogues from this Show are right here:

Example 1
Ar tu nori valgyti?
Taip, aš labai išalkusi.
Aš irgi esu išalkęs. Ką norėtum valgyti?
Galbūt picą?
Gera mintis.

Example 2
Man šalta, ar tau šalta?
Man labai šalta, gal gali uždaryti langą?
A taip langas buvo atidarytas…

As you know the show includes the following segments:

  • Introduction
  • Towns of Lithuania
  • Lesson 19
  • Example Sentences
  • Talk Time
  • News of the week
  • Facts & History
  • Thanks and shout outs
  • Goodbye

We have our usual sections News of the week and Tims fun fact where Solveiga tells us all about “Vilnius fejerija” or Vilnius extravaganza… sounds interesting right? Tim tells us all about something he’s been looking for everytime he’s gone to Lithuania – Rupintojelis!! Calling all Rupintojelis makers we need your help!!!

Here is a link to a new language learning resource we mentioned in the show called babadum please go over and have some fun we have spent a good couple hours playing around on there and it really is loads of fun and brilliantly designed. Good job babadum peoples! : ) We here at Say Labas salute you!!

Hold the phone…. it was an historic week too for us over on our Facebook page we managed to get to 200 likes which of coarse we are really excited about thanks to all you good folk out there who took the time to like the page it makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside you are all awesome!!! :D

Don’t forget to heard over to our memrise course?  You can practise this lessons words and phrases as well as check out past episodes too.

Well thats is that as they say…. back to packing up our flat and we will catch you next week enjoy the show!!

See you soon!

Solveiga & Tim




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