021 Say Labas: Lithuanian verb eiti

Hi everyone… summer is well and truly on its way and so are we… this is our very last podcast in out flat in London before we head of to the wilderness of Lithuania.

lithuanian verb eiti

This is episode number 21 and as Solveiga said in the show the podcast is all grown up… This weeks topic is all about the Lithuanian verb “to go” or in Lithuanian eiti. Do you see the collation the verb is “to go” and we are going to Lithuania… eh? eh?… sigh!! no not our best joke.

So the verb to go…. we learn how to congregate this verb in to all its forms we also pick up a few common/ helpful phrases using this verb and we put what we have learned to practice in a few short dialogues, as we normally do in our episodes – All thanks to Solveiga and her trusty Lithuanian. Please note that she take thanks in the form of yes you guesses it… Ginger cookies..

As all of you might know here is script from today’s lesson:

Episode 21 - to go
1EitiTo go
2Aš einuI go/I'm going
3Tu einiYou go/You'regoing
4Ji einaShe goes/She's going
5Jis einaHe goes/He's going
6Mes einameWe go/We're going
7Jūs einateYou go/You're going (plural)
8Jos einaThey go/ They're going (plural  f)
9Jie einaThey go/ They're going(plural m + f)

We hope that dialogues will help you:

Example 1
Labas. Kur eini?
Labas. Aš einu į parduotuvę. Kur tu eini?
Aš einu į parką. Gal nori eiti kartu?
Gerai einame į parką dabar.

Example 2
Ar jūs einate į teatrą šiandien?
Aš irgi einu į teatrą šiandien.
Tikrai? Tada einame visi kartu.
Gera mintis. Iki vakaro.

Segments of today’s show:

  • Introduction
  • Towns of Lithuania
  • Lesson 21 (Lithuanian verb to go)
  • Example Sentences
  • Talk Time
  • News of the week
  • Facts & History
  • Goodbye

Remember if you are brave enough and Learning Lithuanian we would love for you to get involved with our “time to talk” section… Wait or if you are a native speaker it would be awesome if you get on the show and have a chat with Solveiga that would be even better. Leave comments in the comments section below and we can make it happen…

In our newest segment called Towns and Cities of Lithuania we discover and learn a little bit about Druskininkai, funny story… it takes its name after the English word for Salt… Who names these cities? Easiest job in the world. :)

Our Lithuanian news of the week segment Solveiga tells us all about how Dalia Grybauskaitė Lithuania’s president has been elected into council of woman and in Tim’s Fun Fact Tim gets a little bit serious and we talk schools everyone’s favourite place.

Well thats it for this week, next episode we will be well be staying with friends and waiting eagerly for our trip to Lithuania… Remember Solveiga will up date the memrise course with this weeks lesson and phrases so follow along there please let us know if you enjoyed this weeks show we would love to hear from you.

Until next week… Viso gero

Solveiga & Tim




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