022 Say Labas: Lithuanian Prepositions

Well we finally made it after a very long and busy couple of weeks we have arrived in Lithuania, a bit of a rocky start to say the least couple of… lets call it “technical” problems caused a slight delay in getting this episode out, but here it is.

Lithuanian Prepositions

This is episode number 22 our first ever podcast made entirely in Lithuania, in this episode we cover Lithuanian prepositions these are key to mastering any language and with enough practice you too will nail it. Where else can you Learn Lithuanian for free. :)

We have a surprise recording this week from on board our Flight from London to Lithuania we hope you enjoy sound quitly isnt that great you can blame the eingine of a giant plane for that but its still lot of fun, we hear how the battle of The Battle of Orsha will be celebrated throughout this year in Lithuania thanks to Solveiga for this little bit of news. Why doesn’t the rest of the world know of this battle?

Here is this episodes script from todays lesson study hard!!!

Episode 22 - Prepositions
1ĮIn Into To
2IkiTill Until
4NuoFrom Since
5PerOver Through Via Within
6PoAfter Beneath
9Behind Beyond For Outside
10DėlBecause of
11Šių Šie ŠiosThese
12Tų Tie TosThose
13Apie ką tu nori kalbėti?What do you want to talk about?
14Aš gyvenu čia nuo 2001.I lived here since 2001.

Dialogues from today’s episode:

Example 1
Ar tu eini į parduotuvę?
Taip, aš einu į parduotuvę su mamyte.
Kada grįši namo?
Aš manau po valandos.
A gerai. Iki.

Example 2
Atsiprašau, kur yra pilis?
Pilis yra už šito kalno.
Labai ačiū už Jūsų pagalbą.
Nėra už ką.

As always show includes more than just the lesson, heres a short summary:

  • Introduction
  • Towns of Lithuania
  • Lesson 22 (Lithuanian Prepositions)
  • Example Sentences
  • Talk Time
  • News of the week
  • Facts & History
  • Goodbye

Tim explains to us why Lithuania is the centre of everything in Europe and we continue our series called “Towns of Lithuania” we discover how Vikings apparently founded a little town named Merkinė and again for some strange reason unicorns keep popping up on the show to find out why you know what to do :D (We talked about unicorns in Episode 18)

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Solveiga & Tim




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