024 Say Labas: Lithuanian Useful Phrases 2

It’s been a busy couple of days for us here at Say Labas learning some Lithuanian useful phrases (well for Tim anyway), hunting, Apple picking, small villages  and good people. As you know we are podcasting and travelling all around Lithuania, for you our fine listeners, We hope you’ve had a chance to see some of the picture’s we’ve loaded on Facebook and  on Twitter.

Lithuanian Useful Phrases 2

This is episode number 24 and as always we try to bring what we think will be useful to you, the Lithuanian enthusiast this episode is entitled useful phases “2”  original we know :) we went over some useful phrases way back in episode number 5. These phrases come to you all thanks to Tim these are some of the most common useful lithuanian phrases he’s used over the last 10 days or so during our travels. He hopes you find them atleast a little helpful :) what was some of the first phrases you used?

Our Town of the week is again chosen because of the awesomeness that is a unicorn. The town is called Vištytis and for some reason free soup is plentiful in August have a listen to find out why?

Episode 24 - Useful phrases 2
1Kaip jis atrodo?What does he look like?
2Kiek valandų dabar?What time is it?
3Tai yra per brangu.That's too expensive.
4Vau tai labai pigu.Wow thats really cheap.
5Čia yra mano tėtis.This is my father.
6Kiek laiko užtrunka ten nuvažiuoti?How long does it take to get there?
7Ar tu kurnors keliauji šitą vasarą?Are you going anywhere this summer?
8Ar galėčiau paklausti klausimą?Can I ask you a question?

Today’s show also includes:

  • Introduction
  • Towns/Cities of Lithuania
  • Lesson 24
  • Example Sentences
  • Talk Time
  • News of the week
  • Facts & History
  • Goodbye

We also get on to the subject of another small but famous town called Vilkyškiai famous for its cheese and where Solveiga spent her younger days.

In News of the week we hear about a great art exhibition taking place in Klaipeda that we plan to check out in the next couple days and Tim talks Lithuanian Folk crafts in his fun facts section… interesting stuff right?

Would you like a post card from Lithuania? Drop us a message on Facebook or Twitter or send us an email at info@saylabas.com and we would be happy to send you a hand written postcard from us all the way from Lithuania :D

We almost forgot the invention of the Say Labas “rating” scale gets invented in this episode, its a dawning of a new era people!

Well that it for this week we will catch you at the back end of this week until then keep learning and keep in touch. One last picture of Solveiga apple picking cute isn’t it?

Solveiga & Tim

Iki greito pasimatymo!




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