025 Say Labas: Signs and Symbols

It’s Friday! Well here in Lithuania it is, and that’s means another new episode from your favourite Lithuanian podcast Say Labas. We hope that you are enjoying all the picture, posts and podcasts from our time here in Lithuania we are having fun doing it.

Signs and Symbols Lithuanian

In this episode Tim and Solveiga give us a quick recap on their recent visit to Telšiai located on the shores of Lake Mastis and find out why bears are much loved in the Samogitia region. Any guesses what our town of the week is? We uploaded a couple photos on Facebook from our visit to Telšiai you can check it out there but we will be uploading a blog post all about our time in Telšiai soon!! :D

Ok!!!… In this weeks lesson we learn all about signs and symbols! We learn some common words one could find on signs all around Lithuania. You see these signs all over the place and it would be terrible if you didn’t get to see something awesome just because you didn’t know what it said. We hope that you find this helpful! Let us know if there are any weird signs or symbols you’ve seen in Lithuania!?

As alway here is this weeks transcript for spelling and translations:

Episode 25 - Signs and Symbols
3KapavietėThe tombs
7Kultūros centrasCultural centre
11Kur yra dvaras?Where is a manor?
12Ar čia Šilutės rajonas?Is this Šilutė district?

Below is this weeks dialog from time to talk.

Example 1
Atsiprašau, kaip nuvažiuoti iki piliakalnio?
Važiuokite tiesiai.
Ar labai toli?
Ne, nelabai apie du kilometrus.
Labai Jums ačiū už pagalbą.
Nėra už ką.

Example 2
Ar yra daug dvarų Šilutės rajone?
Taip, tikrai nemažai, bet ne visi gražiai sutvarkyti.
Nelabai gerai.
Tikrai, kad nelabai.

Summary of Today’s show:

  • Introduction
  • Towns/Cities of Lithuania
  • Lesson 25
  • Example Sentences
  • Talk Time
  • News of the week
  • Facts & History
  • Goodbye

In news of the week… The Lithuanian constitution!!! and why Lithuanians are so passionate about knowing it… This makes no sense to Tim but Lithuanians can’t get enough of it…. apparently. :)

Our fact this week is all about Kaunas and its role it played during the war! No potholes this time sorry guys!

Last but not least we are excited to say that we sent our first two postcards to some of our listeners, Luisa in Spain and Ben in America we hope they get them soon!! If you want one, let us know and we will be more than happy to make it happen get in touch with us on Twitter and Facebook.

Anything you would like us to see or visit while we are still here? Let us know in the comments section below..

Well thats that… Viso gero!

Tim & Solveiga.




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