026 Say Labas: Lithuanian Animals

Warning this Episode is extremely awesome! :)

This weeks episode starts off with much merriment, thanks to some very very jolly Lithuanian hunters. Tim tells us all about his time spent with these Lithuanian hunters in the forests of Vilkyškiai and from the sounds of that singing it was loads of fun.

Animals Lithuanian language

The lesson and topic for this episode was suggested to us by one of our listeners Laura, thanks for the suggestion Laura. Yip this lesson is all about animals in the Lithuanian language, we cover all the types of animals you are bound to run into, see and talkabout in Lithuania. We also find out why Tim needed to go on a little walk after eating something very unexpected recently here in Lithuania. :)

Solveiga’s Mom joins us on the show for a second time, for those of you on the ball you will remember we called her way back in episode number 10. Solveiga interviews her all about some of her favourite animals and pets she’s had over the years.

Our featured town this week is a little town called Švėkšna about 21 km from Šilutė it has a very fascinating history for somewhere not so well known… a Blog post by Solveiga to follow all about our couple hours we spent there.

Here is the transcript as always for this episode, Happy learning!

Episode 26 - Animals
9Vilkas Wolf
10 KarvėCow
16Ar tu turi šunį?Do you have a dog?
17Aš šiandien mačiau stirnąI saw a deer today

Summary of Today’s show:

  • Introduction
  • Towns/Cities of Lithuania
  • Lesson 26
  • Example Sentences
  • Talk Time (Interview with Solveiga Mom)
  • News of the week
  • Facts & History
  • Goodbye

In Solveiga’s news section we learn all about a very well known theatre director here in Lithuania, called Oskaras Koršunovas and how his recent plays are taking Europe by storm and finally, we round the show up with another fun fact by Tim this time around one of Lithuania’s and Vilnius’s most interesting streets.

For those you are following us on Twitter or Liked us on Facebook you would have seen that we have been sending postcards to some of our listeners, would you like a postcard from Lithuania? Leave us a message below or get in touch with us on FaceBook or Twitter and we will make it happen. :)

Well thats all we have for you this time round we hope you enjoyed the singing we sure did! Here’s one last look at our Hunter friends from Vilkyškiai!

Well that’s all we have for you this time until next time.. Viso gero!

Tim & Solveiga.




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