028 Say Labas: At the Lithuanian restaurant

Yeah!!! Episode 28 coming to you from our favourite place in the world, Šilutė. Yes we are back in Šilutė after a long and gruelling week and a half journey around Lithuania. Our adventures took us from Klaipeda to Molėtai to Vilnius to Kaunas and now back to Šilutė almost 1000km of driving.

Lithuanian Restaurant

In this episode we recap just what exactly we got up to over the week and a half a part from all the driving :), our lesson this week is entitled “at the restaurant” we learn some new words and phrases we can use at the restaurant. Lithuanian restaurants have got to be some of the best places to practise speaking Lithuanian while of course eating some tasty Lithuanian food right? (We did food back in episode number 10 remember?) so its probably a good idea to know some useful words and phrases right… Obviously!!

One of our favourite sections is towns of the week and this episode’s featured town is a small little place called Jurbarkas, found in Tauragė County it is famous for being an important road junction after a bridge was built over the nearby Nemunas River hear more about this place in the episode.

This weeks transcript for spelling and translations help yourself:

Episode 28 - At the restaurant
1SąskaitaThe bill
10Karštas patiekalasMain course
12Norėčiau deserto.I would like some desert.
13Pasilikite grąžą.Keep the change.
14Maistas buvo labai skanus.The food was very good.
15Mes norėtume užsisakyti.We are ready to order.

Below is this weeks dialogue from time to talk… we hope you find is helpful.

Example 1

Laba diena.
Laba diena.
Ar turite laisvų staliukų?
Šiuo metu neturime, labai atsiprašau.
Ooo… Labai gaila…
Bet galite palaukti 30 minučių.
Gerai, palauksiu.

Example 2

Gal dar ko pageidautumėte?
Ne, ačiū. Maistas buvo labai skanus.
Perduosiu virėjui.
Gal galėčiau gauti sąskaitą.
Taip, žinoma.

Summary of Today’s show:

  • Introduction
  • Towns/Cities of Lithuania
  • Lesson 28
  • Example Sentences
  • Talk Time
  • News of the week
  • Facts & History
  • Goodbye

Our news of the week section by Solveiga marks an historical day for Lithuania, one that will no doubt change Lithuania’s future ties with Russia for good… It truly is a Historical and fascinating one so do yourself a favour and have a listen. :)

Tim’s fun fact this week is all about one of Lithuania’s oldest known books, as you know from previous episodes Literature and books played a huge part in keeping the Lithuanian language a live during the Soviet occupation find out what book is considered to be the oldest in Lithuania.

Before we go, we mentioned a website called vilniusnow.lt on the show, the site was set up by a friend of ours on Twitter called Ramūnas (Follow him here) the site is fantastic and tries to capture all Instagram picture tagged with #Vilnius so if you’re an Instagram user and taking shots of the Lithuanian capital you’re in Luck! :D

Well thats all we have for you this time this marks our final episode recorded in Lithuania… for now!

Until next time.. Viso gero!

Tim & Solveiga.




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