031 Say Labas: Africa

HEY!!! we are back!! Lets learn Lithuanian :D We have most definitely missed doing this and missed you our listeners… Last episode we were in a small mining town in South Africa. This time around we are back in Lithuania and ready to get podcasting once again.

Learn Lithuanian Africa

This is episode number 31 and this episode is dedicated to our recent trip to Africa. We spent the last 5 weeks seeing some of the most extraordinary places, people and animals South Africa has to offer we’ve seen Lions, zebra’s, elephant’s, rhino’s name it we saw it. We’ve shark dived we’ve bungee jumped and met some amazing people from all walks of life. It was an amazing experience for Solveiga and we are glad we get to share it with you.

We hope you managed to follow our trip on FaceBook or Twitter if not here are a few pictures from our trip.

Learn Lithuanian Africa Learn Lithuanian Africa Learn Lithuanian Africa Learn Lithuanian Africa 4 Learn Lithuanian Africa 5

Having been on the go 24/7 we found it a little difficult to keep the podcast going and for that we are extremely sorry, that said we are back and looking forward to finish out the year strong with some awesome new episodes. If you have anything you would like us to cover please let us know in the show note’s comment section below.

In this episode we hear all about a Spa town called Birštonas a couple of km away from Kaunas, we learn Lithuanian words and phrases dedicated to Africa and in News of the week we get an update from Solveiga regrading NATO servicemen in Lithuania. Good or bad? you decide!

Below for those who like to see what they are hearing is todays transcript of the lesson. :)

Episode 31 - Africa
7KrušaHail storm
9Atlanto vandenynasAtlantic Ocean
10Indijos vandenynasIndian Ocean
11Ar kada buvai prie Atlanto vandenyno?Have you ever been by Atlantic Ocean?
12Aš vakar mačiau dramblį.I saw an elephant yesterday.

Solveiga’s Mom joins us again on this weeks show to help us out with the Talk Time section of the show, we would love to have one of our listeners on the show so get in touch and lets make it happen.

Below is this weeks dialogue from time to talk… we hope you find is helpful.

Example 1

Ar tu esi buvusi Afrikoje?
Taip aš buvau Kenijoje vieną kartą.
Tikrai? Ar tau patiko?
Taip, labai. Aš mačiau labai daug gyvūnų – dramblį, liūtą, raganosį.
Oho! Aš irgi noriu važiuoti į Afriką!

Example 2

Aš šiandien buvau prie Atlanto vandenyno.
Oho. Ar maudeisi?
Ne… Vanduo labai labai šaltas.

Summary of Today’s show:

  • Introduction
  • Towns/Cities of Lithuania
  • Lesson 31
  • Example Sentences
  • Talk Time
  • News of the week
  • Facts & History
  • Shoutouts
  • Goodbye

To learn more about Steponas Darius and Stasys Girenas the pilots featured in Tim’s fact this week check out this link right over here. :D

Finally we round up the show with a shout out to a special friend from Twitter called Monika, be sure to check out her Blog here!

We have made it on to YouTube check out the Say Labas Show Channel or click the play below.

Well that’s episode number 31 we hope you enjoy it, remember if you want to get involved with the podcast or if you just want to say Hi or Labas! Please don’t be shy drop us a line on Facebook or Twitter. :D also don’t forget to check out our memrise course and follow along with the show over there. We try our best to keep it updated so we hope you find it helpful.

Until next time.. Viso gero!

Tim & Solveiga.




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