032 Say Labas: Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Solveiga! What is happy birthday in lithuanian? Su gimtadieniu!! :D :D :D got it good!

Yip this is episode number 32 and we are here in Solveiga’s hometown of Šilūtė celebrating her birthday Lithuanian style, with her family and friends. Home is always a great place to be when celebrating anything right?

Happy Birthday in Lithuanian

So of course this episode’s theme is dedicated to birthdays and birthday celebrations, we learn some new vocabulary for dealing with birthdays as well some useful sentences. What more could you want right?

We give an extra special Say Labas Birthday shout out to a Mr Vytautus Vaiciulis who is living in Telsiai and will be turning 99!! Yes 99 what a milestone and what a legend… Happy Birthday!! Su gimtadieniu!!

This episode we learn all about a famous South African who is Lithuanian born? Intrigued? Take a listen to this weeks town of the week Obeliai to find out more!

Below for those who like to see what they are hearing is todays transcript of the lesson. :)

Episode 32 - Happy Birthday!
2Su gimtadieniuHappy Birthday
8ŠvęstiTo celebrate
11PakviestiTo invite
13Kada tavo gimtadienis?When is your birthday?
14Linkiu tau visko ok širdis geidžia!I wish to you everything what your hearts wants!

Below is this weeks dialogue from time to talk where we talk happy birthday in lithuanian… we hope you find is helpful.

Example 1
Kada tavo gimtadienis?
Gruodžio penkioliktą.
Ką norėtum gauti dovanų?
Aš nežinau…
Ar norėtum vakarėlio?
Taip! Labai!

Example 2
Ar švęsi savo gimtadienį šiemet?
Taip, tikrai. Šiemet mano jubiliejus.
Tikrai? Kiek tau metų bus?

Summary of Today’s show:

  • Introduction
  • Towns/Cities of Lithuania
  • Lesson 32 (Happy birthday in Lithuanian)
  • Example Sentences
  • Talk Time
  • News of the week
  • Facts & History
  • Goodbye

As always we round up the show with what’s been making head lines in Lithuania, Where does Solvegia find this stuff? this week a lost treasure has been discovered in Vilnius what is it? A rare collection of coins and more have a listen to the News of the week section to get up to speed.

Tim’s fun fact this time around is about Lithuania’s most famous aerobatic pilot Jurgis Kairys and how he single handedly put Lithuania on the map in the world of aerobatics… Tim mentions one of his most famous stunts, to check it out visit the link below.

Jurgis Kairys Crazy Stunt :D

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Remember to follow along on our accompanying memrise coarse, Solveiga tries her best to keep it all up to date. Well its been an extremely busy but exciting first week back in Lithuania and we here at Say Labas are extremely excited for Christmas and our next few months here in our favourite part of the globe… We hope you will stick around and join us.

Well until next time.. Viso gero!

Tim & Solveiga.




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