033 Say Labas: Lithuanian Christmas

A very Merry Lithuanian Christmas to you, wherever you were and wherever you spent it! This is episode number 33 and this is what we are calling our Say Labas Christmas “special”. It’s a little late in getting out but who can blame us Christmas is just one of those times where a lot is going on… Presents, Shopping, Family, did we mention presents? :D

You have to agree Christmas is one of the most amazing times of the year no matter where you spend it, there is just something very magical about it. This year however we got to spend Christmas in Lithuania. So we figured let us share with you our listeners what a typical Lithuanian Christmas is like, well for us anyway… This was Tim’s first ever Christmas in Lithuania and for him seeing all the weird and wonderful traditions, food and customs was something very special.

Lithuanian Christmas

So we will be covering what happens during a Lithuanian Christmas from Christmas eve to Christmas day some of the traditions, games and stories behind the customs. We really hope you enjoy because we had fun doing it… Let us know what your favourite Lithuanian Christmas tradition is? Or what you’ve heard is weird or wonderful.

We manage to squeeze in a very fascinating town of the week called Skuodas which is apparently older than Lithuania itself take a listen to Towns of the week to find out more. Our lesson this week will obviously covers some useful words and phrases you can use during Christmas and stuff you are bound to see at Christmas time.

Words and phrases for those who like to see what they are hearing:

Episode 33 - Lithuanian Christmas
2Su Šventom Kalėdom Merry Christmas
3Naujieji metaiNew Year
4Linksmų Naujųjų MetųHappy New Year
5KūčiosChristmas eve
6Kalėdų eglutėCristmas tree
7Kalėdų senelisSanta Claus
8Senis besmegenisSnowmen
9Snaigė Snowflake
10RogėsA sleigh
11Šiaurės AšigalisNorth Pole
13Ar tu tiki Kalėdų Seneliu?Do you believe in Santa Claus?
14Mūsų Kalėdų eglė yra labai graži!Our Christmas tree is very beautiful!

Special Christmas dialogues are right here:

Example 1

Ar tau patinka Kalėdos?
Taip, žinoma, labai!
Kas tau labiausiai patinka per Kalėdas?
Būti su šeima.
Ar tau patinka gauti dovanas?
Žinoma, kam nepatinka?

Example 2

Ar tu tiki Kalėdų seneliu?
Aaa… Aš žinau, kad jis yra!
Iš kur tu žinai?
O kas atneša dovanas po egle?
Nee… Aš tau sakau Kalėdų senelis!

Summary of Today’s show:

  • Introduction
  • A Lithuanian Christmas
  • Towns/Cities of Lithuania
  • Lesson 33
  • Example Sentences
  • Talk Time
  • News of the week
  • Goodbye

News of the week is also of a Lithuanian Christmas theme, Solveiga talks about how towns and Cities all around Lithuania get into the sprit of Christmas. She also tells us why she thinks the Kaunas Christmas tree is probably thee best Christmas tree in all of Lithuania if not Europe. You can check an article all about it right here. It really is spectacular.

We are on youtube too, so if you are more of the “YouTube” type then check out our new Say Labas Show Channel or click the video below :D

Well that’s it for this episode, remember to follow along on our accompanying memrise course, to really learn those words and remember that we love hearing from you so get in touch with us.

We thoroughly enjoyed our Christmas in Lithuania and we hope that wherever you spent it, that it was one to remember.

Well until next time.. Viso gero!

Tim & Solveiga.




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