035 Say Labas: Lithuanian verb daryti

Hey! Labas! And thanks again for joining us. This podcast comes to you from Kaunas, Lithuania. Boy o boy has the temperatures dropped – 5c here, that said locals are saying this is a fairly warm winter so I’m guessing this is a good winter…? Not sure we would survive a -12c. Either way its mid-January and the snow has arrived… and with that episode 35!

lithuanian verb daryti

This week’s episode is an interesting one. We cover the Lithuanian verb daryti or “to do” in the lesson section of the show, we haven’t done a verb in quite some time so it was about time that we did another. We go over all the forms of the verb and cover a few example sentences too. Remember that all of this week’s examples will be added to our accompanying memrise course so be sure to check it out over there.

Along with the Lithuanian verb daryti, this episode is dedicated to the historic January events an occasion that is remembered every year in Lithuania; we remember those who gave their lives to stand up for freedom. We spend a little bit of time talking about it and what it means for Lithuania as a whole.

Solveiga also tells us how she attended a ceremony remembering all the victims of this tragic day and how she managed to bag an interview with the Mayor of Kaunas Andrius Kupčinskas, be sure to check out in the talk time section of the show to listen to it.

Our town of the week was chosen by you our listeners. A little place called Kaišiadorys, surprisingly it is the hometown of a few very famous Lithuanians. The fun fact this week is all about Lithuania’s tallest structure, the Vilnius TV tower how it has an important place in Lithuanian history and how Lithuanian like to decorate it.


  • What Tim and Solveiga have been up to.
  • All about the January events and how they are remembered in Lithuania.
  • Hear an interview with the mayor of Kaunas.
  • Learn a little bit about a small town called Kaišiadorys.
  • How to use the Lithuanian verb daryti or  “to do”.
  • A few facts about the Vilnius TV tower.



Episode 35 – Lithuanian verb daryti
1DarytiTo do
2Aš darauI do
3Tu daraiYou do
4Ji daroShe does
5Jis daroHe does
6Mes daromeWe do
7Jūs daroteYou(plural) do
8Jos daroThey(female plural) do
9Jie daroThey(male plural) do
10Aš nedarauI do not do
11Tu nedaraiYou do not do
12Ji nedaroShe does not do
13Jis nedaroHe does not do
14Mes nedaromeWe do not do
15Jūs nedaroteYou(plural) do not do
16Jos nedaroThey(female plural) does not do
17Jie nedaroThey(male plural) does not do
18Aš darau vakarienę kiekvieną dieną.I do dinner every day.
19Atsiprašau bet mes nedarome nuolaidų.We don't do discounts here sorry.


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A big thank-you to Andrius Kupčinskas the mayor of Kaunas for his interview.

See you next time!

Solveiga & Tim.




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