038 Say Labas: Believe In Freedom

Believe In Freedom

We here at the Say Labas Show – Believe in freedom and that’s why episode 38 is dedicated to one of Lithuania’s most historic days! Lithuania’s restored Independence! The 11th of March 2015 or 11 Kovos 2015 will mark 25 years since Lithuania’s independence, a day that is not only special to Solveiga, but to all Lithuanians everywhere. It’s a day that all Lithuanians remember, that against all the odds, they as a nation stood up declared their freedom!

In this episode we talk all about how Lithuania has marked this special occasion with events and ceremonies all over the country building up to this special day – Solveiga tells us about a few of them that caught her eye in her News of the week segment of the show. Also we chat a little about the #BelieveInFreedom motto for this years 25th anniversary.

Along with Lithuanian Independence day, we have Freedom themed vocab (which can be found on memrise) in our lesson section with some pretty tough sentences for you Language enthusiasts out there. We spend a little bit of time with some Freedom Fun facts where we list 10 or so facts about Lithuania’s restored Independence, some of which are unreal… Do check it out!

Last but certainly not least we have no town or city of the week this episode (It will be back next episode), as we felt it just didn’t have a place in this episode however we have a BRAND NEW SECTION which Solveiga and I are extremely excited about called – 60 seconds with a Lithuanian – be sure to have a listen, its toward the end of the show.


  • Loads of giggles with Tim and Solveiga.
  • The 11 March 1990 – Lithuania’s restored Independence.
  •  How a school in Kaunas marked the 25th anniversary of Independence.
  • How history teachers are testing Lithuania’s knowledge of history.
  • 60 seconds with a Lithuanian – This weeks Lithuanian Guoda! (She sounds nice!)
  • 10 fun facts about Lithuania’s restored Independence.
  •  The #BelieveInFreedom or in Lithuanian #tikimelaisve motto.
  • Freedom themed Lithuanian vocab.



Episode 38- Believe In Freedom
1Nepriklausomybės diena Independence day
2HimnasNational Anthem
4Tikime laisve Believe in Freedom
5Su Lietuvos nepriklausomybės atkūrimo diena.Happy Independence Day.
6Laisvė yra labai svarbi.Freedom is very important.
7Kovotojai už laisvęFreedom fighters
8Lietuva paskelbė nepriklausomybę 1990 kovo 11.Lithuania declared its independence on 1990 March 11th.
9Laisvė nusipelno kovos ir kiekviena kova nusipelno laisvės.Freedom deserves a fight and every fight deserves freedom.


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It’s been such a pleasure to have Guoda on this episode of the Say Labas Show Podcast. We hope to have many more Lithuanians just like her in upcoming episodes. Well..

See you next time!

Solveiga & Tim.




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