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About us and why we do this:



Labas! I am Solveiga Yes, a Lithuanian through and through, for as long as I can remember I have always enjoyed celebrating and being part of my heritage you could say that I was always very proud to be a Lithuanian, but seeing Tim getting so excited and enthusiastic about learning Lithuanian , meeting Lithuanians and in general just getting involved with my customs and culture made me realise even more just how uniquely beautiful Lithuania is, and just how important it is not just for me but all Lithuanians to keep our traditions, customs and most importantly our language alive. This is your Lithuanian Podcast as well as ours so get involved.

Currently Tim and I are living and traveling all around Lithuania… Join us and find its hidden secrets, hear about some interesting places, fascinating traditions and learn more about the country I love.

I hope I can help you become at least a little bit Lithuanian :)



  • Movie: Stardust” (Learnt english watching this)
  • Book: I love all things history.
  • Hobbies: Yoga, reading, Poker… and sadly reality tv shows :)
  • Food: Pasta, ginger biscuits
  • Flavor of Ice cream: Caramel the Chew chew type :)
  • Coffee: Yes always yes!
  • Unicorns?: …maybe:D
  • Animal: Otter… Dogs… All of them I loooove animals!

About us - Tim


Welcome to “Say Labas” where we encourage you to say “labas”, this is a blog and Lithuanian Podcast packed with my “journey” and “stories” on the road to learning Lithuanian. Why Lithuanian? Good question… a few years ago I would have been hard pushed to even point Lithuania out on a map. However after meeting Solveiga in a very old and dodgy pub in London we hit it off from the start and needless to say I fell in love with her amazing country. Lithuania is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and interesting countries I have ever had the privilege of visiting, learning the language has become one of my life goals and something I am extremely passionate about. (See my 10 reasons to learn Lithuanian)

I am currently living in Kaunas and have fully immersed myself in the Lithuanian culture, trolley busses, the food the people with my main aim to learn Lithuanian so I can further discover its culture and learn more about the Lithuanian people who are amongst the warmest and friendliest I have ever met. Lithuania is an incredible little country and one I am egger to explore I hope the podcast and this site will inspire not only me but also inspire and help others to see just how unique and special Lithuania truly is.

If you want to get in touch with me directly I love Twitter, this is me follow me :).

  • Movie: Kung Fu Panda” (In Lithuanian)
  • Book: This changes often
  • Hobbies: Running, Reading, Walking, talking, Instagram
  • Food: Burgers!! & Cake yes please!
  • Flavors of Ice cream: Chocolate
  • Coffee: No thanks…
  • Unicorns?: Is this a question? Yes!
  • Animal: Kalmaras

Well that a little about us also we are everywhere, find us at one of the following places below :)