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Milzinkapis 1
How did I find Milžinkapis the giant grave? I found myself wide awake one late March morning very restless. I think when you spend time in nature, not just Lithuanian nature you tend to want to make the most of it. For the regular reader out there you will know I’ve […]

Milžinkapis the giant grave

dislike about living in lithuania 4
Living in Lithuania has been great, and one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had, that said though, and I know this may be hard for some of you to believe. There are certain things you are going to dislike about living in Lithuania if you do decide to […]

8 things I dislike about living in Lithuania

raganu egle
Not too far from Vilkyškiai (Solveiga’s favorite place in the world and best cheese in the world) is Raganų Eglė or the Witches fir, basically it’s a giant Christmas tree with a crazy amount of trunks, 18 of them to be exact. Raganų Eglė can be found in the beautiful forest […]

Raganų Eglė the witches tree

I’ve lived in Kaunas, Lithuania for a full year. I never EVER in my wildest dreams thought I would say that. My goal was to move to Lithuania stay at least 3- 6 months, get to know its people and its culture a little better, travel, write and of course […]

8 things I love about living in Lithuania

nemunas - father of all rivers
People often ask me what I like most about Lithuania. For a long while I would always say the people, Lithuanians in generally speaking quiet friendly and a fair few are some of the warmest and friendliest people I’ve ever had the privilege to meet. Maybe it’s my personality but […]

The Father of all rivers

In podcast 38 of the Say Labas show we spent most of the episode talking about one of Lithuania’s most historic days! The Restoration of Lithuanian Independence, what made this day even more special is that this year the 11th of March 2015 marked the 25th anniversary since Lithuania’s independence, a […]

11 Facts About Lithuanian Independence

Why are you learning Lithuanian? I’ve heard this a thousand times since I decided to start learning Lithuanian. You might already have your own reasons for learning Lithuanian, maybe you have some kind of connection to Lithuania, a grandparent perhaps, or you’ve met the girl… or guy ;) of your […]

10 Reasons to learn Lithuanian

When you arrive in any new city things a can get a little overwhelming maybe even a little intimidating and I’m sure Kaunas is no exception, especially if you are a tourist. Whether you speak Lithuanian or not getting around Kaunas can be a little scary (ok maybe a lot […]

Kaunas Public Transport

With Tim away in Leeds this week, I decided to head back home to Šilutė and get some well needed rest, catch-up with some friends and of course spend some time with my parents. It’s been almost 2 months since I’ve been home (time flies right?) and being back is […]

Ventės ragas

Sleepy cat of Kaunas 4
It’s week number 2 for us here in Kaunas, and the snow and winter has officially arrived. To say I am excited is an understatement. Those who know me know I love snow not the cold, just the snow part thanks. Our time in Kaunas has been amazing yet very […]

The sleepy cat of Kaunas graffiti

The Black Ghost of Klaipeda 9
A few weeks ago Solveiga and I received an email from one of our listeners telling us about his recent trip to Lithuania and his time in Klaipeda. He obviously had an amazing time visiting Lithuania who doesn’t right? But he also went on to mention one of Lithuania’s most […]

The Black Ghost of Klaipeda

It’s no secret, I adore small towns, villages and the countrysides not only the many that Lithuania has to offer but the world over. However there is one wonderful little village that is close to my heart – Vilkyškiai, I think we have spoken a little about it in one […]

A town called Vilkyškiai

It feels like quite some time ago that Solveiga and I paid a visit to Telšiai we had no real expectations other than to visit our close friends Guoda and Artūras and hopefully see some local sights. Win win right? Little did we know that Telšiai is a city full […]

A day in Telšiai and some facts

I’m going to let you in on a secret! About 20 kilometers from Šilutė lies the small town of Švėkšna. With a little over 2000 inhabitants tiny and nestled away in the countryside this gem of town could easily be forgotten. However that said it is without a doubt one […]

Secret Švėkšna

Finding Baltic Amber in Lithuania on the shore’s of the Baltic sea isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and I am sure that it isn’t high on the majority of peoples “bucket” lists but if you are in Lithuania and you make your way to the shores of this beautiful country you […]

Finding Baltic Amber in Lithuania

Šilutė Lithuania! Who would have thought that a small town from the west of Lithuania would play such a huge role in my life? I’ve been to Šilutė on every single visit I’ve taken to Lithuania. I’ve been here in the summer, the spring, the winter and now the autumn. […]

A walk around Silute

Well those of you who follow our podcast will know we have finally made it to Lithuania and we are ready to begin traveling Lithuania, Current location Šilutė. It was an extremely stressful last few weeks in London trying to tie up some lose strings and get everything sorted out for […]

Traveling Lithuania our adventure begins

If I’ve learned anything while learning Lithuanian it’s this it’s not about competition but about having dedication and passion. I’ll be straight up with you when I decided to take on Lithuanian I had no idea how hard it would be… I was clueless really. Bottom line it’s not easy […]

The tools of the trade

I think everybody everywhere lives lives of constant improvement. It’s human nature to want to be better do better to want more. We all have areas in our lives that need improvement be it relationships, our faith religion, careers, our health or just general self-improvement. These things take a great […]

The Plus one Challenge

Be still when you have nothing to say; when genuine passion moves you, say what you’ve got to say, and say it hot. – D.H. Lawrence, English Novelist (1885-1930) It’s very rarely in the hustle and bustle of London I hear Lithuanian around me but these things do happen surprisingly often, according […]

Leveling up