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down at the zoo 2
We are back!! It’s been quite some time since we released a podcast and we are both super sorry for that. We just felt it was time to take a step back for a while and focus on other things for a little bit. That said lots has happened and […]

042 Say Labas: Down at the zoo

In today’s episode, we touch base with all that’s been happening since our last episode about two weeks ago. It’s been such a pleasure hanging out in Kaunas quite recently, there has been so much going on from throwing spears at Kaunas Castle to “ Kaunas Hansa days ” to […]

041 Say Labas: Say What? Kaunas Hansa days

Lithuanian at home 4
Welcome back, and thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to hang out with us. We are happy to say that spring has finally decided to arrive here in Lithuania and we have to say that it is extremely beautiful. We hope that in this episode you get […]

040 Say Labas: Lithuanian at Home

Hey everyone, we are back again with episode 39 of the Say Labas show, this week’s theme is LOVE, LOVE, Love in Lithuanian (All you need is love right?). The episode was of course recorded in Kaunas, and was suppose to be recorded and released around Valentine’s Day but we missed […]

039 Say Labas: Love in Lithuanian

We here at the Say Labas Show – Believe in freedom and that’s why episode 38 is dedicated to one of Lithuania’s most historic days! Lithuania’s restored Independence! The 11th of March 2015 or 11 Kovos 2015 will mark 25 years since Lithuania’s independence, a day that is not only […]

038 Say Labas: Believe In Freedom

Labas! We’re back with another new podcast episode, the last episode was dedicated to Lithuania’s favourite pastime, basketball. This time however its all about making friends, Everyone needs a Lithuanian friend, why? Because Lithuanians are awesome of course. We learn some useful Lithuanian sentences that we hope will help you […]

037 Say Labas: Making Lithuanian Friends

Yes please! We are back it’s been around 2 weeks since our last podcast, we are hoping to get back to a more regular scheduled release pattern now that Kaunas is our home! We aim for new podcast episodes every Tuesday and a new blog post every Friday so look out […]

036 Say Labas: Lithuanian Basketball

lithuanian verb daryti
Hey! Labas! And thanks again for joining us. This podcast comes to you from Kaunas, Lithuania. Boy o boy has the temperatures dropped – 5c here, that said locals are saying this is a fairly warm winter so I’m guessing this is a good winter…? Not sure we would survive a -12c. […]

035 Say Labas: Lithuanian verb daryti

Months in Lithuanian
2015 has arrived and with it the first episode of the year for The Say Labas show. We hope that this year starts right and ends happy for all our listeners. We had a lot of fun last year getting the show and the website off the ground and we […]

034 Say Labas: Months in Lithuanian

Lithuanian Christmas
A very Merry Lithuanian Christmas to you, wherever you were and wherever you spent it! This is episode number 33 and this is what we are calling our Say Labas Christmas “special”. It’s a little late in getting out but who can blame us Christmas is just one of those times […]

033 Say Labas: Lithuanian Christmas

Happy Birthday in Lithuanian
Happy Birthday to Solveiga! What is happy birthday in lithuanian? Su gimtadieniu!! :D :D :D got it good! Yip this is episode number 32 and we are here in Solveiga’s hometown of Šilūtė celebrating her birthday Lithuanian style, with her family and friends. Home is always a great place to […]

032 Say Labas: Happy Birthday!

HEY!!! we are back!! Lets learn Lithuanian :D We have most definitely missed doing this and missed you our listeners… Last episode we were in a small mining town in South Africa. This time around we are back in Lithuania and ready to get podcasting once again. This is episode number […]

031 Say Labas: Africa

This is Episode number 30!!! And this time round we are podcasting from a small mining town called Pilgrims Rest in the East of South Africa, which would explain why it took a little bit of time getting this episode out. ZERO Internet! Apologies for that… The theme for this […]

030 Say Labas: Money talks

In the aeroplane
This is episode number 29 and this is your Lithuanian podcast, you guessed it we have left Lithuania and arrived in a new country!!! a slightly warmer country too, listen to find out where we have ended up. Four countries, 3 Continents and one podcast this is Say Labas :D!! […]

029 Say Labas: Lithuanian In the plane

Yeah!!! Episode 28 coming to you from our favourite place in the world, Šilutė. Yes we are back in Šilutė after a long and gruelling week and a half journey around Lithuania. Our adventures took us from Klaipeda to Molėtai to Vilnius to Kaunas and now back to Šilutė almost 1000km of driving. In this episode we recap […]

028 Say Labas: At the Lithuanian restaurant

Its freezing!! :) This past week we’ve been doing a lot of driving around in Lithuania, and after seeing truck upon truck upon truck we figured lets talk transport. So this weeks episode is dedicated to the fascinating world of Lithuanian transport. We will cover all of Lithuania’s exciting modes […]

027 Say Labas: Lithuanian Transport

Warning this Episode is extremely awesome! :) This weeks episode starts off with much merriment, thanks to some very very jolly Lithuanian hunters. Tim tells us all about his time spent with these Lithuanian hunters in the forests of Vilkyškiai and from the sounds of that singing it was loads […]

026 Say Labas: Lithuanian Animals

Signs and Symbols Lithuania
It’s Friday! Well here in Lithuania it is, and that’s means another new episode from your favourite Lithuanian podcast Say Labas. We hope that you are enjoying all the picture, posts and podcasts from our time here in Lithuania we are having fun doing it. In this episode Tim and Solveiga […]

025 Say Labas: Signs and Symbols

It’s been a busy couple of days for us here at Say Labas learning some Lithuanian useful phrases (well for Tim anyway), hunting, Apple picking, small villages  and good people. As you know we are podcasting and travelling all around Lithuania, for you our fine listeners, We hope you’ve had […]

024 Say Labas: Lithuanian Useful Phrases 2

Episode 23 Countries, Yes Countries this episode was recorded in Šilutė, Lithuania. If you ever find yourself in Šilutė please be sure to spend some time walking along the river it really is very beautiful. See some of our twitter pictures from today’s walk along the river or even better […]

023 Say Labas: Countries in Lithuanian