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Solveiga and I are are always super excited to hear from our podcast listeners… and readers for that matter, so if you are interested in contributing and having a little fun, please let us know! There are many ways you can contribute, depending on how much time you want to spend. The purpose of Say Labas is to highlight what you, our listeners and readers, want to hear or see :).

Here are some ways to get your content on the show and have a little bit of fun with us:

contribute to lithuanian podcast

Step 1: Get in touch with us using one of the below methods:

Step 2: Let us know what you would like to contribute to:

These are some of the segments you could contribute too

Lithuanian? Half Lithuanian?
Are you Lithuanian? or maybe you have Lithuanian heritage? Your great great granddads dad was Lithuanian let us know!! Here at Say Labas we love all Lithuanians so get in touch and we will have you on the show to share your story.

Lithuanian News.
Know something we dont know with the goings on back in Lithuania? or with the Lithuanian community near you let us know. You could feature on the show and help with the news of the week.

Lithuanian Fun Facts.
Heard a weird or wonderful fact about Lithuania? we are always excited to learn something interesting about Lithuania.

Talk Time.
Do you want to help with the episode? practice speaking with Solveiga on the show help with the dialog in this weeks lesson.

Want to share your story with us? As long as its Lithuania related we are happy to have it on the show it could be it your recent trip to Lithuania, some language learning tips or maybe you want to share your story with us then get in touch.

Have a question?
We are here to help… drop us a line!!

If you would like to contribute frequently and if you are dedicated, creative and have something interesting to add then you could have your very own segment. Finally if all you want to do is just say “Labas” then get in touch..

Other ways to contribute.

Write a blog post.
If you would like to write something about your Lithuanian language experience we would love to publish your story.
Write a post on something you find interesting, helpful or think the SayLabas crowd would enjoy get creative, just about anything interesting and related to Lithuania is all good!

Once you’ve submitted at least three posts, you are will receive a special something as thanks from us here at SayLabas!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.