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Hello and Labas,

This is just a simple page where you can donate and to save the Say Labas show.

We’ve realized that over the last 3 years writing, recording and posting takes quite a bit of our time, keeping the podcasts live and site up and running also expensive. That said we absolutely love bringing you new content and we would also like to focus on expanding the site and making even awesome content for you our readers and listeners to view, comment, and share.

So if you can please feel free to support by donating any amount you wish. If you can’t spare any money no problem…  just share this link on your favorite Social media platform (buttons on the right). The more people who see this means the potential for more people to help us keep the show alive.

Donate save the show :)

Well that’s it and like always, thank you so so much for all the support and love over the last few years. Its been really awesome doing this “project” its grown in leaps and bounds we both never envisioned it getting to where it is today and that all thanks to you!! We both really appreciate YOU!!!

Much Love,

Solveiga & Tim.