Kaunas Public Transport

Kaunas Public Transport 4

When you arrive in any new city things a can get a little overwhelming maybe even a little intimidating and I’m sure Kaunas is no exception, especially if you are a tourist. Whether you speak Lithuanian or not getting around Kaunas can be a little scary (ok maybe a lot scary) if you don’t know what you are doing, The Kaunas public transport links are surprisingly good with buses, Trolleybuses (Tim’s Favourite), Taxis and minibuses all whizzing around the city. Check out the podcast episode we did on Transport.

Kaunas isn’t big, and for the tourist one of the best ways to see everything is to just get out there and explore on foot, you’ll find that most of the main attractions and things to see are all within walking distance. That said though using Kaunas public transport is extremely fun, entertaining, super cheap and an attraction in itself. Recently we had to get ourselves familiar with the transport system here in Kaunas and I thought I would share with you everything we learnt.

Kaunas Public Transport

How to get around… using Kaunas public transport

As I mentioned earlier there’s no shortage of ways to get around Kaunas. You can take a ride on the charming bright green trolley buses, hop on a bus, hail a taxi or use one of the many minibuses found driving all around the city.

Personally I would recommend the bus or the trolley bus, their routes stretch all over Kaunas and you can get to pretty much anywhere you need to get to using them, plus they are cheap!

The fleet of busses and trolley buses on the roads of Kaunas vary from being extremely modern and new to looking aged-old, almost to the point of falling apart, but don’t worry they ARE safe and I feel they give the city a little bit of character.

Side note: we here in Lithuania call the little antenna of the trolley buses ūsai or moustache’s (Tim said I should tell you all that). It’s also pretty entertaining seeing them fall off occasionally.

Kaunas Public Transport 3

Get tickets and Travel cars at these places

Where to buy tickets/cards?

You can buy tickets to travel on these services from a range of places throughout Kaunas. To get a travel card you will however have to pay a visit to the newsagent where they will issue you your travel card for €2.40 or you can try online but I tested this and online doesn’t work… I am however not very good with these things. :) check it out (www.kvt.lt)

Some places to get normal tickets

  1. From the driver on the bus, trolley bus or mini bus.
  2. Newsagents found all around Kaunas. (See picture so you know what to look for)
Travel Card : )

Travel Card : )

Which tickets do I buy and how do I use them?

Deciding which ticket to buy – a Travel card or a normal ticket – depends on how long you’re staying in Kaunas and how frequently you’ll be using public transport. (See prices below)

If you plan to make two to four journeys a day for a couple of days, or if you want to travel to the outskirts of the city, then getting a travel card will save you time and is more than likely your cheapest option. Just get a travel card! :)

It’s easier to travel using a travel card. Once your card is topped up with credit simply touch the card on the card readers found on all buses and trolley buses at the start of your journey. If you need help, ask the driver they may seem grumpy but they are normally quite friendly.

How much does it cost?

Normal Tickets

  1. A single journey costs €0.70
  2. Students €0.35
  3. Children €0.15

Cheap right?… : )

Travel cards

  1. 3 Day (€4.60)
  2. 7 Day (€8.40)
  3. 30 Day (€26.60)

How to add credit to you travel card?

If you run out of credit on your Travel card you can only add more credit at newsagents stands, but to be honest they are all over the place so finding one will not be difficult, there is talk of rolling out top up machines but how long that will take I’m not entirely sure.

Kaunas Public Transport 1

How long does the Kaunas public transport run for?

Running times vary according to the bus route. Most services begin at 4.25am and end at 11pm. The average frequency of service is between 10 and 15 minutes. The running times and frequency of service are posted at the bus stops some with electronic boards, which are pretty helpful although not always accurate. :)

Well I hope that when you pay a visit to Kaunas you will be one step ahead of the competition and that using Kaunas public transport will be one less thing to worry about. If you found this post helpful please share the love using some of the social icons below, if you have any questions please leave a comment below and I’ll try my best to answer them.

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**Note: All prices accurate at the time of writing **