Helpful Resources to learn Lithuanian for free

Hi!! Labas!! So you want learn Lithuanian for free right?

Chances are you’ve come to this page because you’ve met a Lithuanian and now, you want to impress them and learn a little Lithuanian. Maybe you your grandparents were born in Lithuania and you’ve been saying for years you would pick up the language. Perhaps you’ve decided to do something adventurous and go off the beaten track and travel somewhere new… Lithuania? Either way today is your lucky day.

learn lithuanian for free


When I started learning Lithuanian I found it quite difficult to find any material or resources to get started. I also didn’t want to spend an arm or a leg either… over the course of my time learning Lithuanian I have discovered many sites, resources, blogs, books, people ect… Below is a list of Lithuanian Language learning resources that I have discovered during my journey to fluency.

Remember I’m not saying that these have all been helpful to me but I felt that I should list everything that I’ve found or heard of, keep in mind what works for some may not work for you and visa versa. The only real thing that I have found that works is passion and dedication… with that you will no doubt pick up Lithuanian. I truly hope that you find this page helpful on the road to your Lithuanian fluency… If you find this page helpful please do leave a comment and share it, if you have a helpful resource please share let us know here in the comment section and spread the love.




Vocabulary Builders:

  • Anki – Flash Card Program (Anki is a spaced repetition flashcard program, good for building up vocab)
  • Memrise (an online learning tool,uses images and science to make learning easy and fun. WE LOVE THIS SITE)

On-line courses:

Language Partners:

Language Tutors:


Remember if you found anything helpful please leave a comment below and share it!! also we love to hear from you so find us and connect below.

Best of luck!