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The Say Labas Show is a Lithuanian podcast well actually a podcast all about Lithuania and travel. It where we encourages you to say “Labas”, learn a little bit about Lithuania, its people, its customs and its traditions. (Which are not only weird but also very interesting)

Each and every episode, we learn a few new words and phrases, find out what’s going on in Lithuania, Learn some interesting facts and history as well as we hear about what Tim and Solveiga have been up to. We also try to find the tools, resources, and tricks you can use to learn not only Lithuanian but also how to get around Lithuania its places to visit and its best kept secrets.



The Say Labas Show – Lithuanian Podcast

Show notes, links, and resources for all our episodes:

Below are all the shows, listed from newest to the oldest… We hope you enjoy.

Season 2 (2016 – Present)

Season 1 (2014 – 2015)

Well those are the episodes we hope you enjoy them we had fun doing them, remember if you want to get involved with this Lithuanian podcast or if you just want to say Hi or Labas! Please don’t be shy drop us a line on Facebook or Twitter. :D also don’t forget to check out our memrise course and follow along with the show over there.

Solveiga & Tim