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So here’s the deal… After each and every podcast episode, normally twice a month. Solveiga will “try” to update the Say Labas Memrise course where you can then Learn Lithuanian phrases and some new vocabulary its a really great way to make those tricky Lithuanian words stick.

We here at Say Labas are huge fans of the people over at so it is only fitting we point you our Listeners to this great tool.  You can thank Solveiga for keeping the coarse’s in Tip top shape by thanking her on twitter or she takes bribes in the form of chocolates and biscuits… ginger biscuits! to be exact!! :D

You can find two memrise courses over at or for you added convenience click the below images and it will take you directly to the memrise course’s. Click sign up and get learning!

Below are the two coarse’s we offer the first of which follows the Say Labas Podcast , the other is for advanced learners who want a bit of a challenge, it contains the most commonly used Lithuanian verbs all in there basic form. If you are just getting started with Lithuanian we suggest you leave the 365 Lithuanian Verbs coarse for a little later.

Click below!

Learn Lithuanian phrasesLearn Lithuanian phrases






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We have worked really hard to try get this up and running for all Lithuanian language learners and lovers of Lithuania so we thank you for your support!! :)

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