The sleepy cat of Kaunas graffiti 4

It’s week number 2 for us here in Kaunas, and the snow and winter has officially arrived. To say I am excited is an understatement. Those who know me know I love snow not the cold, just the snow part thanks. Our time in Kaunas has been amazing yet very busy and although I would have liked to explore and take Kaunas in a bit more we have unfortunately had a lot of “life stuff” to sort out, top of the list a place to stay. Those who have been following the blog and the podcast will know we have been on the move a lot over the last 3 months from Silute to Sveksna and our day in Telsiai to name a few, so having a place to call “home” is top of the priority list.

That said, I am happy to say that Kaunas will be that home for the foreseeable future and although Kaunas has a bad reputation amongst Lithuanians (more on this in later posts), for whatever reason I have to admit that I am loving every moment here so far, be it only 2 weeks in.

The city is beautiful, the people are extremely friendly and it has a fascinating history to go along with it. What more could you ask for? The fact that Kaunas is smack bang in the centre of Lithuania will no doubt help us explore Lithuania and bring you more of this beautiful country in upcoming podcast episodes and blog posts.

What is the sleepy cat of Kaunas graffiti?

Now then, Something I wanted to bring up in this post is an odd one but awesome, so whilst doing a little bit of walking around jolly ol Kaunas, many times I’ve spotted what I have dubbed the “Sleepy cat of Kaunas”. Now what it is, is this sleeping cat that’s been spray painted on to walls, bins, alleyways, windows you name it… it’s there. I think in the short time it took me to walk 3 blocks I spotted Mr “sleepy cat” 10 times. It’s like a real life where’s wally! :)

sleepy cat of Kaunas graffiti

Now I have never seen this cat sprayed anywhere else although I have to admit I was never on the lookout for it in Klaipeda or Vilnius but I tend to notice these things so I don’t think it’s there… If so, there is no way there’s as many as in Kaunas.

This raises the question on urban Graffiti love it or hate it, it’s here to stay… does it have a place? I think the answer is yes although I think there needs to be some form of control to it, how? I don’t know? Sorry. I for one love graffiti and some of the pieces you find in and around major cities can sometimes blow your mind. I feel graffiti should have a message it needs to make a statement. Well thats my opinion.

sleepy cat of Kaunas graffiti  sleepy cat of Kaunas graffiti

Kaunas for one is littered with graffiti the good, the really good and unfortunately the bad…and of course the really bad which to me is plain right vandalism if you are going to graffiti do a good job! Come on!

What do I think of Mr “Sleepy cat”? I like it… is there a message? no I don’t think so… I have asked around spoken to a few friends and locals and nobody really knows what it means. Some people didn’t even know what I was talking about… what is the history? How long has it been around? What is the meaning behind it? More questions than answers I’m afraid.

sleepy cat of Kaunas graffiti  sleepy cat of Kaunas graffiti

I’d like to think there is some deep meaning to it some message that makes people reflect, a political message maybe? a message to the working man! Although I am sad to say there probably isn’t a message… Is it a little overboard? Truthfully yes! But it still makes me smile. Next time you are visiting Kaunas keep a look out for Mr “Sleepy Cat” he is everywhere… Trust me.

What are your thoughts on “The sleepy cat of Kaunas”? Do you know anything about it? Do you think there’s a message? What is your view on the Kaunas graffiti scene?

Well I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope to have more interesting stories from my time here in Kaunas, as always thanks for reading and until next time.





  • Eline Smits

    Hello Tim,

    I have a question! I’m almost finished with my erasmus exchange programm at Vilnius College of Design, in Vilnius. For one course I’m making a ‘fanzine’ about patternity/patterns. I’ve chosen this subject because I spotted so many of the same things in and around Vilnius, for instance instead of the cats in Kaunas, they have graffiti of birds/pelicans everywhere in Vilnius. Last week I was with my sister in Kaunas and I also spotted the cats everywhere. But after seeing 3 cats I finally tought about making pictures of them to add in my fanzine. And now I don’t have that many pictures unfortunately and I won’t go back to Kaunas before the exams. So my question is if I can borrow your pictures? I will use your name/website as source then :)

    Let me know, it will help me a lott!


    • Hi Eline,

      Thanks for the message :) wow!! I would be honoured if you would use them feel free to use them :)

      Good luck with your project!!

      All the best,
      Tim ;)

      • Eline Smits

        Thank you!

  • Agostina Medina J

    I am a lucky Argentinian who married a lithuabian and so I had the chance to go to Lithuania (We married there in Marijampolė) It’s so beautiful there! Also I met very nice people (friends of my hubby and I enjoyed the food so bad hahaha.. Nice page reminds me how cool Lithuania can be 😊